About Us

Bevv allows brewers and cideries and select niche bottle shops to sell directly to the consumer and lets the producer have an online beer/cider presence. Bevv helps you reach new beer and cider enthusiasts. Think of Bevv as a NEW sales channel alongside your current ones. If you are selling beer/cider to-go why wouldn't you use Bevv.com? It's the same process.

Bevv is a multi-vendor marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of craft beer and cider in the same way Etsy connects makers of any product with their loving consumers.

Bevv focuses on the producer and niche vendor - to end-user sales within the direct-to-consumer market. Bevv operates within the confines of each of the individual state’s direct-to-consumer sales liquor laws.

Bevv is the direct-to-consumer alcohol sales marketplace that affords the craft producer and niche bottle shop retailers a new sales channel in conjunction with its current sales offerings. The current market deprives the consumer access to a vast majority of the actual product being produced. I.e. Look at your grocery store shelf - ugh….

It is widely accepted that you can order your favorite bottle of Chardonnay straight from a small winery in Napa, and Bevv is positioned to be the platform for consumers to order their favorite bottle of small-batch IPA, crisp cider, or smoked porter from a brewery/cidery they visited while on vacation in Oregon or on road trip through New England.

Bevv is a technology company working within the alcohol legal landscape. Buyers purchase directly from their favorite craft alcohol producer or niche retailer while Bevv facilitates the transaction in a safe and compliant manner.

Below find first our e-commerce walkthrough that goes directly on the vendor's website. Second, find a walkthrough of Bevv master marketplace where your products will also be displayed and you will be provided with a second storefront for consumer discovery. Think of this as the first-ever 2-in-1 solution for e-commerce and marketplace for alcohol.

Bevv is not a retailer. Bevv does not hold the product. Bevv is not a wholesaler or a beer/cider of the month club. Bevv is the technology between buyer and seller.