How can Bevv help?

Bevv allows breweries and cideries a marketplace to sell directly to the consumer and lets the producer have an online, compliant, sales presence directly on their website.

Bevv is a marketplace for the craft beer and cider industry. Bevv focuses on producer-to-end-user sales within the direct-to-consumer market, bypassing the antiquated, three-tier, distribution model, and increasing producer margins by 55%. Buyers can purchase directly from producers, in turn, supporting their favorite producers. Don't limit your SKU sales to only shelf space items. Producers can list them all on


Easy management

Bevv is partnered with UPS and a local on-demand delivery company to handle all logistics and delivery.

  • You receive an order via email.
  • You package the product for Friday 4:00PM local pickup at your location.
  • Product is then shipped to the consumer and signed for.

Powerful Analytics

Bevv provides vendors with tremendous insight

  • Sales and order record keeping.
  • Location of customers for marketing.
  • Labels, order tracking, and other integrations.


Step 1

Customer orders on

Step 2

Order received by vendor instantly

Step 3

Vendor packages the order for pickup

Step 4

Delivery partner picks up product

Step 5

Product delivered directly-to-your-consumer

How It Works

Sign Up

Simply enter your business name, email, and a password.

  • Connect your banking info
  • Confirm your hours of operation
  • Describe your business


We will import your products from Untappd. Confirm or edit your products.

  • Add or delete products
  • Add any missing images and edit product info
  • Add packaging variances and prices


Publish your products to make them visible.

  • Double check your product details
  • Get notified of sales
  • All money flow is instantaneous


You are ready to earn!

  • Share your Bevv online store
  • Start expanding your imbiber reach
  • Increase profits!


Affordable, transparent, and secure

Secure transactions

Automatic deposits

Seller protection

Start selling for free


Listing Fee


Transaction Fee

2.9% + $0.30

Payment Processing


Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. You can find the entire list under our FAQ in our footer.

No. You, the producer keeps the product until our driver gets there regardless of where it's going.
For 3 generations you have heard 3-tier. We did our homework on behalf of the brewer so you all could brew the best beer and not worry about the small stuff. We have had Bevv approved by craft beer attorneys, Guilds and ABCs in states in which you can operate.
We have partnered with UPS for carrier service and each one of you will get an account through Bevv if you don't have one already. For local, on-demand delivery, we have partnered with a company that has been delivering for your local retailer and grocery stores for years.
If you are shipping outside of your immediate local area, you will need to pack the product. We have partnered with a U.S.-based, family-owned package materials company. Through Bevv, you will get a massive discount. The cost of a 6-pack cans box, for example, is roughly 27 cents. We work for you!
We get it. Some products travel better than others. There are solutions. We have access to packaging approved by the FDA to ship diabetes medications. Does it cost more? Yes. Do you still make money? Yes. Do you reach new imbibers? Yes.
We have your back. We will send you a list of the required licenses with links and costs upon registering. All you have to do is click the link and pay the fee to the state. We don't have anything to do with filing permits or collecting permit money. Once you have completed that task and informed us of approval, we will turn on that state for you.
That is great. Not a problem. We can control each vendor's access to states by the click of a button. It's not an issue.
You set up a Stripe Payments account as part of the Bevv vendor onboarding process. You are paid immediately upon order. If you have a Stripe account already, then great, you can use it. If you don't, no problem. It takes about 10 seconds and is done within your account under the billing tab. It's simple.