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Jaded Local

ABV 4.2
Style Lager
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Product Description

American Lager - 4.2%

Are you a Jaded Local? This beer is your cure. 

Jaded Local is our second collaboration with our friends at the radically relaunched magazine, Mountain Gazette

Conceived as a refreshing clock-out beverage for anyone who starts avalanches, climbs lift towers, or rescues beaters for a living, this crisp lager is perfect for drinking after low-viz / high-hazard missions, tweaking your ACL, or moving into the back of your truck when your landlord converts your house into a vacation rental. 

Easy drinking enough for telemarkers or people who ski inbounds with touring gear and a backpack, Jaded Local will quench your thirst and fade memories of endless lifelines full of gapers with dirt-cheap passes.