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Red White and Blue 4x4 Variety Pack

ABV 6.2
Style Red White and Blue 4x4 Variety Pack
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Product Description

Celebrate Independence Day with your favorite independent brewery!


2x 4-packs of Reverb Red (5.0% abv)

Red Ales have become an almost extinct species in the Western US beer landscape, and we are taking it upon ourselves to MAKE RED ALES GREAT AGAIN! Reverb Red is a classic American Red Ale. Caramel malts greet the palate with a base of toasty/bready malt flavors, finishing with a perfect piney balance from Cascade and Centennial hops added throughout the boil. At 5.0% abv, this is a full-bodied, full-flavored, garnet-colored session beer that will transport you back to simpler the 90s, long before the days of hazy IPAs and pastry stouts. We love those beers too, but sometimes you gotta keep it real. Cheers!

2x 4-packs of Chance of Clouds (6.2% abv)

Chance of Clouds is our cloudy IPA bursting with mango and papaya from double dry-hopping with Mosaic and Azacca hops, plus some Strata in the whirlpool! Several varieties of high-protein wheat and oats give this beer a soft mouthfeel, but unlike the many overly-sweet juice bombs out there, we maintain just a bit of West Coast sensibility in this hazy.


GLUTEN-REDUCED! We are proud that all of our beers are gluten-reduced, using an enzyme that breaks down specific protein compounds without affecting other beer characteristics like mouthfeel, flavor and aroma. For more details, check out our Gluten-Reduced Beer FAQ on our website at


SHIPPING INFO: we ship beer on Mondays and Wednesdays only. This is to minimize the amount of time in transit to protect beer quality to the greatest extent possible (i.e we don't want your beer sitting in a warm warehouse over the weekend). 


SHIPPING QUANTITIES: we recommend ordering our 16oz 4-packs in quantities of 4 or 8, which results in the lowest shipping cost-per-beer and helps us minimize waste in packaging materials.