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Sender Ale

Style Citrus Ale
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Product Description

Say hello to Sender, the low sugar, high flavor beer you’ve been waiting for. It’s packed with citrusy orange flavors, light on the palate, with a bone-dry finish. Pairs well with mountains, trails, beaches, hot days, cold water, and exaggerated adventure stories. Bottoms up if you sent it today!

Our limited-edition SIP series is dedicated to all of you who choose to stay focused on the most important things in life – family, health, good times, and great beer! We’ve all had to replace hugs with waves and social gatherings with zoom calls. But we are all in this together, and our glasses are half full. [If your glass is not, then crack open another Alibi!]

From our Alibi family to yours, Cheers!

GLUTEN-REDUCED! We are proud that all of our beers are gluten-reduced, using an enzyme that breaks down specific protein compounds without affecting other beer characteristics like mouthfeel, flavor, and aroma. For more details, check out our Gluten-Reduced Beer FAQ on our website at

SHIPPING INFO: we ship beer on Mondays and Wednesdays only. This is to minimize the amount of time in transit to protect beer quality to the greatest extent possible (i.e we don't want your beer sitting in a warm warehouse over the weekend). 

SHIPPING QUANTITIES: we recommend ordering our 16oz 4-packs in quantities of 4 or 8, which results in the lowest shipping cost-per-beer and helps us minimize waste in packaging materials.