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Nightmare Crucifixion

ABV 10.6
Style DIPA
Source New York, New York
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Product Description

DIPA w/ Sacramental Bread, Calypso, Vic Secret & Simcoe
Also known as the Gladiator War/War of Spartacus. An uprising of 70 slave-gladiators started a revolution and grew to over 120,000. After two years they were ultimately defeated and the remaining 6,000 subsequently Crucified along the Appian Way. Over those 200km/124mi there was a Crucifix every ~100ft.
The condemned was affixed with arms spread across the patibulum, and nails driven through the wrists. Over 500 years the Romans “perfected” this where they would miss vital blood vessels and hit the median nerve, while still supporting the weight of the body. The patibulum was hoisted with the victim onto the supporting post, the legs then set to either side, where nails would be driven through the ankles between the Talus and Calcaneus.
Lasting anywhere between a few hours to several days, the condemned died due to Dehydration, Fatigue, Progressive Asphyxia, Shock, and/or Trauma.
The weight of the body pulling down against outstretched arms, inhaling would come easy but expelling the air from the lungs to exhale would not. Pulling your body up from the nails through your wrists or pushing down against the nails through your heelbone it’s no wonder why this torture spawned the word “Excruciating”.
The body was then left to be picked apart by scavengers before the nails and wood would be retrieved for future executions.
“That most wretched of deaths”
this atrocious execution method is recognized worldwide, immortalized by Jesus of Nazareth. To canonize on that fact, Sacramental Bread was used in the mash.
Spruce tips and bright citrus are blanketed by pungent dank hop fragrance.
Flavors of Crisp wheat, soft dried apple, punchy tropical fruit, green tea and clean earthy bitterness balanced by a spicy citrus edge and drying alcohol finish.
*Recommended to pour in glass leaving last dregs in can*
Pairs well with:
Angelmaker - Bloodthirster