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Short Throw/Equilibrium Authoritarian

ABV 13.5
Style Russian Imperial Pastry Stout
Source New York, New York
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Product Description

We teamed up with our homies at Equilibrium to make an oppressive beer, which demands obedience. Authoritarian: a Ptichye Moloko Russian Imperial Pastry Stout. Ptichye Moloko, translated as bird's milk, is one of Russia's most beloved desserts. Silky yet light layers of custard are separated by thin, fluffy layers of sponge cake; topped with a rich chocolate ganache glaze. So we incorporated chocolate malts, coffee, lactose, and vanilla to try and recreate this treat along a roasty Russian Imperial Stout base, and at 13.5% abv, it insists on respect. ваше здоровье!