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OG Haze Skywalker - Cosmic Punch

ABV 6.7
IBU 48
Style Hazy IPA with Terpenes
Source San Diego, CA
Delivered from Attitude Brewing Company

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Product Description

The Return of the OG Skywalker with a Cosmic Punch! Out of this world delicacies 4x hopped Hazy IPA, infused with OG Skywalker terps! Cascade and Saaz in the mash, Comet and Strata in the kettle, and a double dry-hop with Galaxy, Strata, and Comet hops. Fermented with a genetically enhanced yeast sourced from outer space (Chicago), capable of releasing strong fruity aromatic compounds (thiols) that would otherwise be lost with regular brewing yeasts. The result is the juiciest adult beverage, completely saturated with tropical flavors of guava candy, gold kiwi smoothie, sweet passion fruit, and green Yoda Dank. The force is strong with this one!