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Buy Official Beertender's Choice Crowlers Online from South Lake Brewing Company

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Beertender's Choice Crowlers

ABV 4-10
Style Beertender's Choice
Source California, CA
Delivered from South Lake Brewing Company
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Product Description

We offer a variety of drinkable Blonde Ales, Pale Ales, and IPAs on tap.

Our 32oz cans are filled and sealed on the spot.

The beertender will choose 3 different styles of SLBC brews to fill the Crowlers with.

Most likely, the Marlette Blonde or Marlette Sunrise (Blood Orange Blonde), will be one of the three Crowlers.

Then the beertender will choose a Pale Ale and IPA for the 2 other Crowlers to shipped to you based on what is currently on tap.

Check out our current beer menu at for current offerings.

Feel free to put a comment in the notes with style preference and/or email to pass the information over.

We cannot guarantee the exact style or brand is shipped. Cost includes packaging for shipping in-state: 24-hour cold pack, insulated box liners, bubble wrap, and box.