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Siege Of The Pineapple

Style Hazy Milkshake IPA
Source Ceres, CA
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Product Description

Hops: Amarillo & Mandarina Bavaria
Additions: Hilmar Lactose, Pineapple & Vanuatu Vanilla Bean
There shall not be any more juice spilled and we shall stand firm to bring happiness, laughter and most importantly, beer. This is a tale as old as time, this is The Siege of the Pineapple. 
The fermentors have risen and the hops are prepared for battle, fighting for the freedom for the Republic of Pineapple's Bill of Rights. Finally released from the disarray of pizza toppings and liberated to be where pineapple is meant to shine, in our Hazy IPA.
Siege of the Pineapple is the outcome of a juicy collision of two very tropical hops and elevated your tastebuds using lactose and vanilla bean creating one hell of a milkshake.