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Kokomo Royale

Style Tropical Fruit Smoothie Sour Ale
Source Austin, TX
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Product Description

IBU: 15
ABV: 8%
SU: 68


Tropical Fruit Smoothie Sour Ale with pink guava, pineapple, Tahitian lime, cherry, Madagascar vanilla, milk sugar, & Jamaican pimento berry.

A fruit medley straight out of the blender! This sour pack's more fruit than we've ever used before. Blended full of tropical fruits with a high ABV, this smoothie is thick and a guaranteed tropical contact high.

P.S. This beer contains milk sugar.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Bursting with bright tropical fruits alongside rich spices of vanilla & allspice lend to a tropical cocktail flavor. The addition of fruit pectin gives this smoothie beer a thick body and the milk sugar a creamy mouthfeel.