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Polar Beer - Sour Cold IPA w. Prickly Pear

ABV 6.1
IBU 31
Style Sour Cold IPA w/ Kiwi
Source Austin, TX
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Product Description

IBU: 37
ABV: 6.1%
SU: 31


Polar Beer is a brisk, tropical IPA with a classic lager fermentation making it just a little crisper. So far, we’ve brewed this new style of IPA into three batches. The first two batches, brewed in 2021 used Citra & Motueka hops, one with kiwi and the other with lychee fruit.

Our newest batch to be released is a Sour Cold IPA with prickly pear. El Dorado hops are on the top of the ice cap for this brew, with soft tropical fruit flavors that emphasize the prickly pear fruit, making this Cold IPA a refreshing experience.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Troparctic, Glacial Hop, Brisk, & Refreshing!