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Style Barrel Sour
Source San Diego, CA
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Product Description

Our Grapefruit Wild Ale was blended specifically to highlight the fresh local fruit. While many grapefruit beers offer a subtle hint of the fruit, this one explodes with grapefruit flavor!  The Oro Blanco and Ruby Red Grapefruit were handpicked in nearby Escondido, California.  We wanted our fruit to really shine so we racked them onto our barrel-aged golden sour and let them rest for 3 months.

The resulting flavor is a fresh glass of grapefruit juice that can be enjoyed in the morning, although we don’t recommend drinking too early.

This wild ale is deliciously refreshing, with its natural, golden cloudiness and pleasant tangy taste.  This beer is a wonderful thirst quencher on a hot summer day.  Perfect for the beach or poolside…there is no wrong time to enjoy.  Coming in at 4.7% ABV …so you can sip on these all day long.

If you love Grapefruit and Sour Beers… this is beer is an absolute must-have!

We only have (80) 500ml bottles, so make sure to reserve your bottles today.