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DSSOLVR We Don't Sell Those Here

ABV 8.1
Style Double New England IPA
Source Hickory, NC

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Product Description

We teamed up with the Hoofy Mayne Juicelords (Hoof Hearted Brewery) and whipped up one hell of a tasty lil treat for y’all. DDH DIPA, BABYYYYYYYYY!

“We Don’t Sell Those Here” is named after a really insensitive and uptight wine salesman in Savannah who refused to sell us a corkscrew. Mashed with Riverbend Malt 2-Row, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats, Malted Wheat, Malted Oats, Dextrin Malt, and just a kiss of Brewer’s Crystals for MAXIMUM BODY. Hopped very aggressively in the Whirlpool with BRU-1, fermented with our House IPA yeast, Dry-hopped once with BRU-1 and Sabro, and then Dry-hopped a second time with an ignorant amount of BRU-1 and Sabro, and a Hoofy-size handful of El Dorado Cryo. Spunded for dat natural carbonation, boiiiiiiii.

We experience mountains of fresh-cut Pineapple, putting some Pit Viper sunglasses on a Mango, surfing in a Pina Colada daydream, and getting slapped in the face with a jug of Orange Juice. Last time we checked, it’s still the weekend!

PS: Whenever we see Trevor, we whip up more than one beer, so be on the lookout for an extra crispy treat in a few weeks. Love ya, bud!