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Kill the Sun '20 Holiday Gift Pack

ABV 11.8
Style Holiday Gift Pack
Source Portland, OR

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Product Description

Each box contains:

  • One 16oz can each of: KTS ‘20 Classic, KTS ‘20 Berry, KTS ‘20 Mexican Hot Chocolate, and KTS ‘20 Candy Cap.

  • 10.75oz KTS custom Goblet

  • KTS Enamel Pin

  • Tasting Notes/Flight Tray

  • Branded Holiday Box

About the Beers:

  • 1) KTS ’20 Classic

    • Time in Barrel: 1 year

    • Barrels: Heaven Hills Distillery & Westward Whiskey

    • Notes: Vanilla, roasted malts, oak, bourbon whiskey, toffee, and roasted marshmallow.

    • 11.8% ABV

    2) KTS ‘20 Berry

    • Time in Barrel: 10 months

    • Barrels: Heaven Hills Distillery, 12 year Buffalo Trace Rye, and Westward Whiskey

    • Conditioned on: Heaps of Raspberries

    • Notes: Tart berry, vanilla, roast, chocolate, toffee, and whiskey.

    • 11.8% ABV

    3) KTS ‘20 Mexican Hot Chocolate

    • Time in Barrel: 10 months

    • Barrels: Westward Whiskey and Heaven Hills Distillery

    • Conditioned on: Milk sugar, Chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and vanilla.

    • Notes: Warming notes of whiskey, cayenne peppers, and cinnamon.

    • 11.8% ABV

    4) KTS ‘20 Candy Cap

    • Time in Barrel: 1 year

    • Barrels: Portuguese Tawny Port Puncheons and Apple Brandy Barrels

    • Conditioned on: PNW-grown Candy Cap Mushrooms

    • Notes: French toast, maple syrup, earthy mushroom goodness.

    • 11.8% ABV