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Tripel Volunteer

ABV 9.3
Style Belgian Tripel
Source San Antonio, TX
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Product Description

STYLE: Belgian Tripel 

ABV: 9.3%

DESCRIPTION: Brewed in the traditional Belgian Abbey style, this Tripel is light bodied, effervescent, and lightly aromatic.

TITLE: The title Tripel Volunteer pulls from the historic notion that in order to be a Green Beret, you had to be a “triple volunteer”. You had to 1. Volunteer for the Army, 2. Volunteer for Airborne School (to be a Paratrooper), and 3. Volunteer for Special Forces training. The training for SF is not easy, and its not short. On average it takes 1.5 to 2 years to train one Green Beret, then it takes another few years on a Special Forces team to really become a useful part of the regiment.  

INGREDIENTS: Pils, Wheat, Oats, and Caramel Vienna Malts, Oats, Wheat and Sugar; US Goldings Hops, Belgian Abby Yeast