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Bee A Diva

ABV 6.4
Hops Amarillo
Hastags #fireemoji #beerselfie #craft #influencer #honeyisspendy
Source Tumwater, WA
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Product Description

With Bee a Diva, we celebrate our premium honey beer.

To the more than metaphoric hive that is becoming Matchless Brewing. It’s also Aaron's anniversary of the first beer he brewed as Head Brewer.

This year we used a Honey Bear Farm honey made two miles south of the brewery from Fireweed and Blackberry bushes. This hazy IPA has generous Amarillo hop kick.

The hop may be spelled wrong on the can ‘cause we fail at spelling bees.

This beer is #fireemoji #beerselfie #craft #influencer #honeyisspendy

ABV 6.4%