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Hakuturi Double Dry Hopped Hazy IIPA

ABV 8.5
Style Hazy IIPA
Hops Southern Cross, Wakatu, Waimea
Source San Gabriel, CA
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Product Description

An all New Zealand Hopped Double IPA with generous hopping to bring out big tropical aromas that are heavy on citrus, papaya and a hint of pine. The flavor is a pleasant balance of fresh citrus and resinous pine with no hop burn or overpowering bitterness. The mouthfeel is soft and pillowy with a semi-dry finish.
In Maori mythology, the hākuturi are guardians of the forest. They are responsible for guarding the forest, and to avenge any desecration of its sacredness. When Rātā cut down a tree without first making the proper incantations and rituals, the hākuturi rebuked him by re-erecting the tree. When he showed remorse, they felled the tree again and made it into a canoe for him in a single night.
Hops: Southern Cross, Waimea, and Wakatu