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Circular Logic

ABV 10.5
Style MT3 Spontaneous Beer
State Colorado
Source Longmont, CO
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Product Description

Technical: Blend of 3-, 2-, and 1-Year matured Méthode Traditionnelle Primitive Beers aged in Spirit Hound Distillers’ Honey Whiskey barrels. So here’s where it gets trippy; the barrels that crucially contributed to the flavor of this beer previously held Malt Whiskey, followed by Bee Squared Apiaries’ Longmont honey (to coalesce with the flavors offered by the spirit barrel), followed one more time by Malt Whiskey (to absorb the decadent flavors of local honey). To complete the proverbial circle, we procured a gallon of the whiskey barrel-aged honey, a gorgeously spirit-forward oaky nectar that preceded the last Whiskey fill of our barrel, to fuel bottle conditioning in our blend. 

Flavor Notes: Big honey and booze-soaked oak on the nose followed by a delicate and balanced flavor. Grainy and complex with a warming sensation yielding to a dry finish. Tasting both chilled and allowing the beer to reach cellar temp, gives the drinker two unique experiences.