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Viaje (Journey)

ABV 6.5
Style Specialty Saison
Source Denver, CO
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Product Description

Aromatic, juicy, peppery and crisp are the main characteristics of this beer. Also know in US as a
Farmhouse Ale “Viaje” is perfect to be enjoyed any time through the year but Specially in the long warm days of the summer. Complex, full of flavor yet easy do drink, refreshing and with a touch of lemon grass, the journey of this beer starts from the moment you approach the glass to your nose. Aromas and flavors of lemon, citrus and pepper among others, will really take you to a trip of your senses. Very versatile when it comes to food pairings this beer goes well with rind cheeses, spicy fully flavored dishes, “al pastor” and fish tacos, grilled red meats, seafood in general are some options of possible parings with this beer.