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Evolución (Evolution)

Style German-Style Maerzen
Source Denver, CO
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Product Description

Style: German-Style Maerzen

Evolución (Evolution) is our #rootoberfiesta beer with which we celebrate oktoberfest. Malty, toasty, bready and slightly toasty are the aromas that dominate this classic style lager beer. Not pale and light flavored like other traditional lagers, this beer could be enjoyed at warmer (ale like) temperatures. Our Evolución is rich, elegant and clean. Complex but clean, malty but not cloying, with a dry finish that makes it great to enjoy multiple pours. Brewed with a significant amount of Munich Malt and using noble style hops; Hallertau and Tettnang. This style of beer was first served at Oktoberfest in Germany in the 1870’s and it became the traditional Fest beer until the 1990’s, when the golden “Festbier” was adopted as the standard festival beer. Sausages, smoked pork, grilled chicken are good pairings for this beer.