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ABV 5.2
IBU 30
Style Irish Red Ale
Source Denver, CO
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Product Description


Style: Irish Red 

Toffee flavor, a hint of caramel and a subtle roasted finish, is what this Irish classic brings to the table. Easy to drink, with some sweet character and a dry finish, this beer is very clean with enough bitterness to balance it up.  

The Island of Montserrat in the Caribbean, is on a chain of small Antilles, part of the West Indies and is the only other than Ireland country in the world, where St, Patrick’s day, is an official holiday. Irish Immigration to Monserrat Island in the Caribbean dates back to 1632 (17th Century) during the period of plantation owners & slavery. They nicknamed Monserrat the Emerald (Esmeralda) of the Caribbean. St. Patrick's in the island has become a 10 day festival that commemorates a slave uprising rebellion in 1768, celebrates the Island's history to contend with the lasting Irish Influence and to invest in Montserrat's future while festival highlights soca and reggae concerts, street parades, pub crawls and food fairs. Saluting the traditions of our “Emerald of the Caribbean” we celebrate St. Patrick’s day with this Irish Red. Because of its balanced nature, this beer pairs well with spicy and roasted foods, as well as various cheeses and white meats. Poultry sandwiches are also a great paring.