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BA Standhope Doppelbock

2020 Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock

ABV 6.8
IBU 26
Style Doppelbock Lager
Source Hailey, ID
Delivered from Sawtooth Brewery

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Product Description


If you love it, set it free!  We set this beer free after 10 months in a blend of barrels, including Red Wine Barrels that first had a California Red Blend and then Corn Whiskey aged in them.  The end result is a strong, malty German Lager with the characteristics of the malt rolling through red wine with a hint of whiskey on the back end.  There is wonderful complexity with this oak soaked beer without having to rely on heavily roasted grains.  A beer even a lager fan can enjoy!

Grain: Munich Malt, Aromatic Malt, Caramuncih III
Hops: German Tradition
Yeast: German Tradition
Style: Blends of California French Oak Red Blend with Whiskey Finish and California Cab Sav Barrels