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ABV 5.5
Style Marzen
Source San Francisco, CA
Delivered from Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery

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Product Description

Oktoberfest may be a few weeks past but that doesn't mean German beer is out of season! 

For this month's Brewer's Choice, we turned to one of our trusted brewers, Chris, to point us in the direction of an incredibly traditionally-brewed German-style Marzen! In fact, in this brew, we did a method called 'double-decoction,' which is an incredibly laborious process in which the mash is moved back and forth from the mash tun to the boil kettle in order to pull as proteins from the grain as possible. 

Light-roast, malty flavors of fresh bread, hints of subtle caramel, & a clean crisp finish tie this beer together perfectly.

This beer is so authentic, if you close your eyes, you could swear you're sitting in the middle of a Biergarten in Berlin! 

ABV 5.5%