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Mojito Double Kettle Sour

Style Double Kettle Sour
Source San Francisco, CA
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Product Description

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, people will look to whatever they can find to stay warm in the winter chill. We've always been big fans of the concept of "mind over matter," and as such, we wanted to brew something that doesn't reinforce the winter season, but instead tries to take you out of the concept of winter entirely! 

Now, a Mojito may be every bartender's worst nightmare, but that's because once you make one you have to make a million. That's the glory of the Mojito kettle sour, in that you're getting all that big minty, limey deliciousness... without all the strenuous muddling! Coupled up with a strong backbone of 9% ABV and we're looking at one hell of a sipper that'll have you celebrating your holidays in Havana like the boss you are. 

Not too minty, not too tart, and sure as hell not boring in the slightest bit...

Double Kettle Sour w/ Mojito Mint and Lime Juice - 9% ABV 
Pilsner, Rolled Oats, White Wheat, Chit Grains
GR Magnum Hops