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ABV 12.5
Style Barrel Aged Stout
Source Telluride, CO
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Product Description

Apparently, Kalsarikänni, or "pantsdrunk," is the Finnish tradition of drinking at home, alone, in your underwear. Not only do we think this a great way to live your life in general, but now it seems like a responsible thing to do, and it turns out we made a beer particularly suited to the task.


Päntsdrunk started as a 9.5% ABV oatmeal stout, then sat in Tellu- ride Distilling whiskey barrels for a year, coming out of barrels at 12.5%, with big notes of oak and roasted malt, into a very different world than it left behind. One thing hasn't changed though, drinking beer at home in your underwear is important. Stay home, stay healthy, and enjoy Päntsdrunk responsibly.