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Funk Odyssey

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Product Description

Limited Release 2014 Vintage - Aged for 9 months in bourbon barrels - 9% ABV

The creative collaboration of Mark McTavish of '101 Cider House' and Darek Trowbridge of 'Old World Winery'

'Funk Odyssey' is a blend of wild heirloom cider apples and rare Pineapple Quince, wild fermented and aged in bourbon barrels for 9 months.  This still cider has been aged for an additional 12 months in the bottle, resulting in some of the most complex cider we have ever tasted.  Tangy, mouth puckering, and simply confusing to the palate.  If you are looking for a real tongue twister, this is the cider for you.

Wild farmhouse funk at its finest.